Self Drive Safari Packing List in Uganda (2024 to 2025)

Self Drive Safari Packing List in Uganda 2024 to 2025 includes Passport and Visa, Basic Toolkit. Self Drive Safari Packing List in Uganda is a guideline to pack for your self drive safari in Uganda as you explore the various safari destinations in Uganda like Bwindi Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Wildlife Safari at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo National Park, Lake Mburo National Park.

This is perfect for those on long term car rental, short term car rental, one way car rental, Car Rental with a Driver Guide as a solo traveler or with in a group.

Self drive is very exciting to do as you explore destinations in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya and there are things you need to carry to enjoy your Road Trips.

List of items to consider for your self-drive safari in Uganda

Important Documents:

  • Passport and Visa:
    • Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months from your entry date to Uganda.
    • Check if you require a visa to enter Uganda and obtain it in advance if needed.
  • International Driver’s License:
    • If your regular driver’s license is not in English, consider getting an International Driver’s License, which is widely recognized.
  • Rental Car Agreement and Insurance Documents:
    • Keep a copy of your rental car agreement, including terms, conditions, and contact information of the rental company.
    • Carry proof of insurance coverage for the rental vehicle.
  • Identification and Emergency Contact Information:
    • Carry a form of identification other than your passport, such as a driver’s license, as an additional form of identification.
    • Have a list of emergency contacts, including local emergency numbers, embassy or consulate contacts, and contacts of friends or family back home.
  • Vehicle Essentials:
    • Vehicle Registration and Insurance Papers: Ensure you have all necessary documents related to the rental vehicle’s ownership and insurance coverage.

Vehicle Essentials:

  • Spare Tire and Tools:
    • Spare tire in good condition and properly inflated.
    • Jack and lug wrench for changing tires.
    • Tire pressure gauge to monitor tire pressure.
  • Basic Toolkit:
    • Set of basic tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches, for minor repairs and adjustments.
  • Car Jack and Jumper Cables:
    • Car jack for lifting the vehicle when changing tires or making minor repairs.
    • Jumper cables in case of a dead battery.
  • Vehicle Registration and Insurance Papers:
    • Keep the necessary documents related to the rental vehicle’s registration and insurance coverage.
  • Reflective Triangles or Cones:
    • Reflective triangles or cones to set up as a warning in case of breakdowns or emergencies.
  • Emergency Kit:
    • Fire extinguisher.
    • First aid kit with essential medical supplies.
    • Emergency roadside assistance contact information.
  • Vehicle Manual and Operating Instructions:
    • The vehicle’s manual to understand its features, controls, and maintenance requirements.
    • Instructions for operating any special features or self-driving technology.
  • Fluids and Lubricants:
    • Engine oil, coolant, and other necessary fluids in case of top-up requirements.
    • Lubricants for hinges, locks, and moving parts.

Navigation and Communication:

  • GPS Device or Navigation App:
    • Bring a reliable GPS device or use a navigation app with offline maps. This will help you navigate through different regions, even when you don’t have consistent cellular data coverage.
  • Mobile Phone with Local SIM Card:
    • Get a local SIM card upon arrival in Uganda to have a local phone number and access to local networks. This can be essential for communication and data usage.
  • External Battery Pack:
    • Carry an external battery pack to keep your mobile devices charged, especially if you’ll be using navigation apps or taking photos.
  • Car Charger and Charging Cables:
    • Have a car charger that connects to your vehicle’s power outlet (cigarette lighter) to charge your devices while driving.
  • Emergency Contact Information:
    • Save emergency contact numbers, including local emergency services and the nearest embassy or consulate.
  • Offline Maps:
    • Download offline maps of the areas you’ll be visiting before you start your journey. This ensures you can navigate even without an active internet connection.
  • Communication Apps:
    • Install communication apps like WhatsApp or Viber to stay in touch with fellow travelers or local contacts using Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Paper Maps and Guidebooks:
    • Carry physical road maps and guidebooks as backup in case your electronic navigation devices fail.
  • Language Translation App:
    • A language translation app can be helpful for communicating with locals who might not speak your language.

Clothing and Personal Items:

  • Lightweight and breathable clothing for warm weather
  • Layered clothing for cooler evenings and mornings
  • Hat or cap for sun protection
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Sunglasses
  • Closed-toe shoes for walking and hiking
  • Swimsuit (if visiting lakes or water bodies)

Budget Car Rental Options

Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser

US $80/ Day

A Driver, 4 Adults

Fuel: Petrol

Standard Land Cruiser

US $75/Day

A Driver, 4-5 Adults

Fuel: Petrol

Land Cruiser Prado

US $75/ Day

A Driver, 4 Adults

Fuel: Petrol

Toyota Rav4

US $45/Day

A Driver, 3 Adults

Fuel: Petrol