Things to do when your Car Engine Stops on Car Rental in Uganda

Things to do when your Car Engine Stops on Car Rental in Uganda are first initiate fast stoppage. Things to do when your Car Engine Stops on Car Rental in Uganda are a guideline on what to do in case your car engine stopped on car rental in Uganda whether on long term car rental, short term car rental, one way car rental and car rental with a driver guide.

It is so frustrating to get stranded at a lonely roadside, especially after your engine has abruptly stopped and it becomes more frustrating when you have no idea of what the problem is. Sometimes it is even just a minor problem which you can easily rectify when the exact cause is known.

There are a number of reasons for an engine stopping and these include lack of sparks or fuel. In most cases, when an engine suddenly goes dead without prior warning, it is because of a sudden ignition failure. However, if it locks solid, there is a high chance that it has seized.

If the engine experiences a slower and sputtering stop, this could be a fuel problem- ignition problems that bring about the same poor running are very improbable to halting the engine in the short term. Here are some of the engine stop causes and what you can do;

Permanent stoppage

This is the most difficult and costly form of engine stoppage, often referred to as a “blow-up” or “mechanical failure” which happens when there is a total loss of oil pressure or after the engine has experienced extreme overheating. All these circumstances won’t happen suddenly but instead indicate warning lights or the car’s instruments to warn you in time, so that you can save your engine from suddenly going off. It is always advisable to pay attention to these warning signs because an eventual loss of oil pressure will bring about heavy rattling or hammering from the engine.

Disconnecting the fuel pipe at the carburetor is the best way to check whether the fuel is flowing properly and also, ensure that the fuel is gushing out well when the pump runs. It is always advisable to aim the pipe into an old jar but if you aren’t able to find it, you can point the pipe at the ground.

Fuel issues

Engine stopping due to mechanical fuel pumps doesn’t just happen without warning, which most cases due to the loosening-off of fixings as well as the moving of pumps from the engine to prevent the pump’s lever from achieving full stroke as well as reduction of fuel delivery.

If fuel delivery is still a problem after securely mounting the pump, it is advisable to increase flow by getting rid of some of the gaskets or spacers between it and the engine. However, do not remove the thick spacer because it is likely to lead to pump damage.

Also, corrosion of electric pump contacts can make the engine abruptly stop, and to check this, you should listen with the ignition on for pump ticking.

Did you know that sometimes the car can run more and more badly until it can’t go anymore, even when there is no obvious problem? In such cases, you can remove the fuel filler cap and once you notice a sharp gush of air after doing this, then you will know that the vent has been blocked. You can go ahead to continue driving with a loose cap or removing the cap to vent the tank.

Ignition challenges

Another cause of engine stoppage is related to the blowing of the fuse that protects the ignition coil. Failure of the ignition light getting on is sometimes related to problems with electric works. You can replace a fuse of the right size with another, but it is important to first ensure that the failure wasn’t caused by a short circuit such as a care connector.

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