Short-Term Car Rental in Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is known as the most greenery safari destination with both the Mountain Gorillas at Virunga national Park and Eastern lowland Gorillas at Kahuzi Biega National Park. DR Congo has many things you can do as well as unique adventures ranging from green thick Rainforests, natural wonders and exceptional cultural Treasures.

Short Term Car Rentals in Congo are a perfect way to explore the country especially travellers that are under a tight schedule with limited time for holiday.

Look through our guideline to enjoy the benefits of hiring a car for short term car rental in Congo so as to get unforgettable journeys as a solo traveller, group traveller or with friends and family on vacation.

Short-term Car Rental in Congo is a flexible and convenient way to explore the greenery Congo from East to West then North to South with a Driver Guide. Short Term Car Rental in Congo takes you a period of 4 to 8 Days depending on the schedule of the travellers.

The Car Rental Options we offer for short term car rental in Congo include; Land Cruiser Prados, Roof Top Tented Land Cruisers, Standard Land Cruisers, Toyota Hiace/ Vans with 4 wheel drive to take you to all the destinations in Congo even the remote ones.

Hiring a car in Congo 2024?

Hiring a car in DR Congo requires you to contact Us and Reach Us at to enjoy safaris in the Dr Congo with a Driver Guide for we don’t offer Car Rentals on Self Drive in DR Congo.

We shall receive your email then our expert staff will get back to you offering you our Car Rental Options as well as Car Rental Deals that are perfect to take on while in the Dr Congo.


We pride ourselves on providing the Best Car Rental Services, attending to a range of customer needs with the varying rental car deals available annually. This applies to Budget Travellers, Mid-Range Travellers and Luxury Travellers visiting the DR Congo.

We offer extra Car Rental services like Airport Pickups, Hotel Bookings, Permit Bookings to enable you get the best safari holidays.