Does Car Rental Insurance Cover Vehicle Theft in Uganda?

Does Car Rental Insurance Cover Vehicle Theft in Uganda? When a Rental Car is stolen, Car Rental Insurance. Does Car Rental Insurance Cover Vehicle Theft in Uganda? Yes the Car Rental Insurance may cover vehicle theft depending on the car rental agreement signed on Long Term Car Rental, Short Term Car Rental, One way Car Rental, Self Drive Safari.

When the Rental Car Company has insurance, the insurance company provided coverage for vehicle theft. The coverage depends on some policies as well as the insurance provider although the usual reasons where rental car insurance covers vehicle theft.

  1. Loss Damage Waiver/ Collision Damage Waiver

Car rental Companies have these insurance coverages which include; coverage for theft, hence when the rental car is stolen when coverage is in effect insurance covers the cost of the vehicle.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance

4x4 One Way Car Rental UgandaThis is insurance coverage that covers your personal business and can be extended to cover rental cars that have been stolen. This insurance covers vehicle theft although you are required to reach the insurance company to inform you about the procedures to follow.

Despite the Insurance coverage you have it is required for you to contact the Authorities and Car Rental Company immediately to inform them.

What the Rental Car Insurance Will Not Cover in case of Vehicle Theft

Despite Car rental Companies having Rental car insurance, this may be limited and not apply when your car is stolen.

  1. Unable to report the vehicle theft earlier: You are required to report the vehicle theft earlier to the rental Car Company and local police. In case you fail to do this promptly, all you provide must be taken as false.
  2. Unable to follow the terms of the rental agreement: If you don’t follow the Car Rental Terms as stated in the agreement, then you are not liable to be covered by the Car Rental Insurance.
  3. Recklessly leaving keys/ vehicle not fully used: If the theft comes due to recklessly leaving the keys in the vehicle or not fully taking care of the car, the Rental Car Insurance may not apply.
  4. Theft of Personal belongings: Rental car insurance covers theft of the vehicle only not personal belongings. Hence when these are stolen, the insurance may not be able to cover these.
  5. In case of unaccepted activities: Incase If the vehicle theft resulted from engaging in illegal activities or carelessness, the insurance may not cover this.

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