Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental in Uganda 2023

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental in Uganda 2023 are What is the Best Car to Rent in Uganda? Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental in Uganda 2023 give you an insight as well as guideline on what to do and expect on your Budget Car Rental Safari in Uganda.

How much does it cost to rent a Car in Uganda ?

Our Car Rental Fleets in Uganda cost US $45 per Day

What is the Best Car to Rent in Uganda?

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental in Uganda 2023 Depending on what you want to adventure/ explore, the Best Car to rent in Uganda is a 4WD Land Cruiser or Roof Top Tent Land Cruiser with Camping Gear.

Why Book A Car Rental Fleet with us in Uganda?

We are sufficient, reliable, affordable, and efficient to offer you the Best, Cheap Car Rental Deals for your Safari in Uganda.

Do you offer Car Rental Deals in Uganda?

Yes. We offer various Car Rental Deals in Uganda and some of the Car Rental Deals available are Long Term Car Rental, One Way car Rental, Short Term Car Rental, Car Hire with a Driver.

How old should you be to rent a Car in Uganda?

To rent a car in Uganda, drivers usually need to be at least 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license printed in the Roman alphabet. For in Uganda the authorized age to drive a car is 18 years and above old.

What are the Speed Limits in Uganda?

Speed limits in Uganda are 50km per hour in urban areas so all travelers from all over the world should take note. If you are caught over speeding in Uganda, you shall face a penalty or go to court.

What is driving like in Uganda?

Driving in Uganda is very safe hence travelers that hire/ rent a car should follow the various traffic Rules in order to get to any destination of their choice without being in trouble. Road condition in Uganda varies from highways to dirt tracks then crowded city traffic and rural hazards.

Can I drop off the vehicle somewhere else or other country?

Yes, we offer one-way car rentals although depending on the drop-off location the service might require an extra fee henc you are required to inform the us at the period of booking.

Are there consequences if I am late returning the car after rental?

When it comes to returning cars after using it on rental we have a car rental grace period hence an extra Day might be charged if the car is returned much later than the period it was agreed upon. We advise you to inform us in case this happens.

What if i get a ticket with a rented car?

The renter is in charge to pay any and all traffic tickets that are issued during the rental period.

Is there a minimum or maximum age to rent a car?

Adults of 18 years, 25 years are allowed to rent a car and should posess a valid driver’s license which they MUST present.

In case i locked my car key in the rental car?

When this happens you shall have to inform us immediately about the incident then we see how to fix it. We have mechanics from all regions around the country to fix this.

Do you offer help if a car breaks down?

Yes we offer help 24/7 in cases of emergencies on the road while on your Car Rental Safari in Uganda.

Could I drive the rented car across the border if necessary?

Yes it possible to cross with a rental car to other counties in East Africa as long as you inform us prior about this. However, this comes with extra fees for crossing international borders.

Is there additional travel insurance required to cross the border?

Yes you are required to have COMESA which comes at a charge of US $50 when renting the car for less than a year.

How can i make payment for the car rental?

There are many ways you can make payment for your rental car and these include; credit card payments which takes an extra charge of 5% fee. These include Master or Visa credit cards or payment in cash.

Am i required to provide security deposit?

When you rent a car with us will require you to provide security deposit of US $400. The amount is refundable upon the conclusion of the rental. In case of mechanical damages as a resulut of negligence this money will be used to cover up for that.