Essential Guide to Cheapest long term car rentals

Do you desire to rent a car for a month, 2, or even 6 months and wondering whether it is possible? Finding a cheaper long-term car rental sometimes appears difficult and interestingly, it is easier said than done to many people. Whether you need a long-term car rental for a safari or business trip, we have options for long-term rental for such travel needs. Before opting for the long-term car rental option, first, ascertain whether your personal car insurance can cover you for over a month. However, here’s our ultimate guide to cheap long-term car rentals in Uganda;

Reasons for opting for a long-term car rental

There are numerous benefits of going for a long-term car rental and this includes preserving the value of your personal car, whereby you can take a long trip or even go for Holidays. When you rent a car for the duration of your safari, you will be prevented from putting mileage on your personal car thus reducing tear and wear.

With the option of long-term car rental, you can have a car for larger and long-term work projects.

Also, opting for a long-term car rental is a perfect solution while your car is in the shop- for instance following an accident or when your personal car is being repaired. Therefore, this is the perfect way to get back on the road without having to miss a beat.

Long-term car rental is also considerably cheaper than a daily rate. For instance, if you are renting a car for 30 days and more, there are high chances that you will enjoy an amazing monthly car rental rate

What are the different options for long-term car rentals?

There are different options for visitors who wish to rent cars for over a month and whichever option you go for, it will fall under the categories. The commonest option is renting from a car rental company like Mum and Dad Uganda Tours, going for an unwanted car lease, or trying a ride-sharing company.

Traditional Car Rental Company

Getting a long-term rental from a car rental company has been proven to be more costly than any other category. However, there are higher chances of getting discounted long-term rates that are in the long run lower than the daily or weekly rates. In most cases, the long-term car rental rate includes discounted insurance, although the final rate is usually higher than usual.

Long-term car rental from a ride-sharing Company

While there are few ride-sharing companies in Uganda, this option is one of the ways of enjoying a cheap long-term car rental. Do you know how this works? This peer-to-peer marketplace option allows persons (of 25 years and above) to rent out their personal cars for a day to up to a year. Similarly, you can borrow someone else’s wheel

Long-term car rental from car lease transfer

A car lease transfer is the perfect and unregrettable option for persons looking to rent cars for just a few months. Individuals and Companies looking for a lease are connected to those seeking to get out of one hence even short-term leases are possible. At times, the best-discounted rates are got when you take over a lease that another driver is trying to do away with. You can get a perfect lease based on the model and make, and before you do that, make sure that you are very aware of the rental car’s present mileage and how many months and miles are still left on the lease.