Essential 7 Things to do if you lock your Key in the rental Car

Essential 7 Things to do if you lock your Key in the Rental Car are stay grounded, access spare keys. Essential 7 Things to do if you lock your Key in the rental Car give you guidelines on steps to take when you lock your Key in a Rental Car while on safari within the car rental deals i.e long term car rentals, Short Term Car Rentals, One way Car Rentals, Car Hire with a Driver Guide as a solo traveler or with friends and family.

7 Things to do if you lock your key in the rental Car Include the following steps.

  1. Stay grounded, calm and accept the situation

When you realize that this has happened, keep grounded, calm and avoid panicking. Find out if there are solutions to retrieve the keys like spare keys or apply other entry methods.

  1. Access the spare keys

Try to access your spare keys if you have any for the rental car. These are provided by the rental car company hence contact them to give you one in case of issues.

  1. Reach out to the rental car company

Reach out to the rental car company’s emergency contact number immediately. Inform them about the situation and ask for their guidance. They may be able to provide assistance/ advise on the next steps to do.

  1. Get to know About roadside assistance

You should inquire from the Rental car company if they offer roadside assistance services like locksmith services. Inquire from them if they could arrange locksmith to unlock the car for you at an extra charge.

  1. Consider using third-party locksmith services

In case the car rental company does not provide roadside assistance, you can opt to use a third-party locksmith who can provide you with the Best locksmith services. You provide them with the necessary information about the entire incident then they will help you out.

  1. Follow the hints given by the locksmith

Follow the steps and instructions provided by the locksmith so as to be assisted and have access to the rental car. They can provide methods and techniques that can enable unlock the car without any damages.

  1. Keep Documentation of the incident

Keep records and documentation of the incident with all the communication made with the car rental company, locksmith and other parties. Some of these are the photos or videos of the locked car.

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