7 Things to Avoid with Automatic Cars on Self-drive in Uganda 2024

7 things to avoid with automatic cars on self-drive in Uganda are riding the brakes, ignore warning lights. 7 things to avoid with automatic cars on self-drive in Uganda are riding on the brakes, ignoring warning lights, resting foot on the brake pedals while on self drive in Uganda Safari, Long Term Car Rental, Short Term Car Rental, One way car rental as a solo traveller, or with friends and family.

4x4 Long Term Car RentalSelf Driving is exciting and exceptional to do in Uganda as you conveniently enjoy adventures from one point to another.

7 things to avoid when driving an automatic car on a self-drive safari in Uganda:

  1. Riding the Brakes on Descents: when on self-drive safari, avoid riding the brakes when descending the hills or mountains. This results into overheating and premature wear on the braking system. Alternatively, use engine braking and downshifting so as to control your speed.
  2. Ignoring Warning Lights: Don’t ignore the warning lights or alerts that appear on the dashboard as they could be addressing  some issues that could lead to potential breakdowns or damage.
  3. Resting Foot on the Brake Pedal: make sure to avoid keeping your foot on the braking pedal when driving. This could lead to unnecessary wear and overheat on the brake components.
  4. Abrupt Acceleration and Braking: make sure to avoid abrupt and aggressive acceleration or braking as this will strain the transmission and other mechanical components.
  5. Using Neutral at Stops: you don’t have to shift to neutral when stopped at traffic lights or during short stops as this happens easily with modern automatic transmissions.
  6. Using Incorrect Gear for Conditions: keep away from applying inappropriate gears for the driving conditions. i.e avoid using “Drive” on steep uphill slopes as this could strain the transmission. Use lower gears like “2” or “L” to stay away from excessive shifting.
  7. Neglecting Fluid Checks: with modern Automatic transmissions, you must ensure proper fluid levels for smooth operation.

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