6 Things to Know about Renting A Car in Uganda 2024

6 Things to Know about Renting A Car in Uganda are car rental rates, have a valid driver’s license, size of car. 6 Things to Know about Renting A Car in Uganda give you a hint on the things to know about Renting A Car in Uganda while on Holiday vacation in Uganda as a solo traveler, Group Traveler or family traveller.

The Pearl of Africa, as Uganda is often known offers a wide array of scenic road trips that go through winding mountain slopes, forested areas, Crater areas with beautiful views, savannah plains, and others. With such beauty, the last thing you will need is to be rushed while taking photos hence getting a rental car is the solution. And with the competitive daily rental fees, renting a car is one of the cost-saving ways of exploring the beauty of Uganda, especially if traveling with many people (friends, family, or work colleagues).

However, most travelers would wish to bang their heads against the wall after going through the stress of Car insurance, and cross-border fees. The good news is that car rental Companies have different terms and conditions clearly stated in their rental agreements. Do you have plans of renting a car in Uganda?

6 Top Things to know about Renting a Car in Uganda

Here are some of the things that you need to know about renting a car in Uganda and we hope they will be a resourceful and useful starting point for planning your own Ugandan road trip;

  1. Booking the Rental Car

6 Things to Know about Renting A Car in UgandaMake your car rental dream possible by booking with us, and finding a wide range of cars at very competitive rates. From budget cars to premium SUVs and 4WD Vehicles, we make booking easy- directly calling our office line/s or sending an email and you will be responded to in less than 24 hours.

One of the most important pieces of advice that we give potential clients is to book the cars in advance so as to have the best choices as well as the availability of cars. This is especially fundamental in the high season- June to September, and December to February whereby the demand for rental cars is high, considering the increase of travelers to Uganda for safaris as well as Holidays.

             2. Size of Car you are renting for your road trip

Our rental cars are of different sizes and cater to the needs of different group numbers. If you go for the Toyota Rav 4, then expect to carry between 2 and 4 passengers with their luggage, while someone who opts for a Toyota Super custom can expect to accommodate up to 6 passengers. For the large group of 28-30 passengers, we recommend the Coaster buses. Therefore, take into consideration the size of the group while renting the car in Uganda.

         3. Car rental rates

Car rental companies have different rates but expect one of the most competitive and pocket-friendly rates with us. Before you zero down on a particular Company, first take your time to do research on rates charged by different Companies for comparison-sake.

          4. Having a valid driver’s license

Another important thing that you need to know about renting a Car in Uganda is the fact that you ought to possess a valid driver’s license. This might be an obvious thing but with our many years in car rental operations, we have experiences cases of drivers forgetting this important document. Traffic and Law enforcement Officers along Ugandan roads will require any driver. Additionally, an International Driver’s permit is recommended for drivers to Uganda that are from foreign countries or those whose permits aren’t in English.

              5. Rent cars with unlimited mileage

One of the ways of maintaining an affordable road trip in Uganda is by ensuring that the rental car has unlimited mileage. No one really enjoys being charged for every mile he/she has traveled as long as you specified the destination you are driving to, especially when your plan is to do a lot of driving on the road trip.

                6. Cross-border driving

While Ugandan rental cars provide one of the most economical rates, it isn’t uncommon for drivers to rent a car in Uganda for multi-country/cross-border road trips covering Tanzania, Kenya, or maybe Tanzania. While this option is very possible, there are a number of things to put into consideration- you will require a letter of Authorization from the rental Company. Talking of rental Companies, not all of them allow travel into all these countries. Another thing to put in mind is the fact that roadside assistance is normally waived when you cross the border from Uganda to Rwanda/Kenya/Tanzania or any other neighboring country thus in case of any breakdown, be prepared to cover the cost of bringing the rental car back into the country.